Security Surveillance Services in Pakistan

CCTV Surveillance

Closed-Circuit Television, which is known as CCTV, this technology has recorded its tremendous progress in the last centuries, not only individual but with the interface of security technology. It uses for recording, storing and also for video analytics. CCTV surveillance devices are easy to integrate with the monitoring system like alarm systems, monitoring detector, and access control devices so on. It gives the best combination by doing integration with intelligence algorithms and produces a facial detector, objects recognition devices. Apex Solutions gives you amazing CCTV surveillance devices at very reasonable prices and quality. Apex Solutions offers you HD and IP technologies, Amazing facial recognition devices, Automated number plate recognition ANPR, thermal imaging camera and much more.

Access Controls

In today’s world security becomes the most important and essential thing for any organization and particular region or area. To maintain the security parameters organizations or companies use various Access Controls through which they assure about their safety. In technological or those organizations who have confidential stuff are necessarily use that safety measure to protect their services and products. In Access Control System, various devices are laying like parking barriers, blockers, tripod turnstiles and much more. Apex Solutions is giving you these all Access Controls devices to make your organization safe and protective. Apex Solutions has various Access Controls Solutions, like different kinds of blockers, full-height tripod, and full speed gate turnstiles, bollards and parking barriers.

Management Solutions.

When you build safety and protective organization, then you must have safe and protective Management Solutions as well to protect your assets and employees. In present different management devices are used to keep the environment safe and secure like biometric solutions, intelligent lockers, organization system, and electronic payments systems, but the question is where you can get all these accessories because to buy this all safety measures you need any trustworthy authority and platform, Apex Solutions is the only provider in all over the Pakistan who is giving you quality Management Systems to make your environment and employees safe in very friendly packages and prices.

Network Infrastructure

To maintain a protective and secure organization, you must have a strong Network Infrastructure because of the building of security laying on the base of networks. Networks are used to maintain and develop a protective environment and secure organization. Apex Solutions allows you to build your strong networks through optical fiber solution and long-range wireless surveillance through you can not only maintain security but also maintain the discipline for future success.

Traffic Technologies

For any country, their traffic system plays an important role to increase their economy and also affect the environment of the country. To make traffic activities more secure and advance the world using different techniques so they can track the records also make the ticketing system efficient. For this advancement, Apex Solutions is giving you the amazing opportunity to buy automated Photo/Video Traffic Violation System in very reasonable and best package.

Intrusion/FIRE /FLOOD Protection

The lives of human beings are the most important for any company because without human beings or employees the company will not move a single inch. So, for the safety issues of the company in the emergency cases Apex Solutions plays a vital role by providing you the Intrusion/Fire or Flood Protection services, so that in any circumstances, safety will never be compromised

Alternate Clean Energy

Fuel cell technology is an alternative solution for future clean energy systems. climate changes becoming an important challenge for the global research community, and this alternate cleaning energy technology is available to a safe, long-lasting climate. Apex Solutions provides you the various Clean Energy technology in very pocket-friendly prices and packages.

Security Surveillance Services & Maintenance


Security Surveillance Services basically refers to a contract based visit that we offer to our clients to maintain their security equipment better.

Maintenance Services includes

  • Support for all calls made free of cost regarding malfunction of cctv system round the year.
  • Only parts that are worn out and replaced which are not under any sort of warranty will be charged.
  • Consultancy for future expansion and better replacement is free of cost.

We don’t just provide finest CCTV brands and CCTV Security Equipment in Karachi, BUT we also have a dedicated and trained professional department for installation and after sales security surveillance service to help you get the best experience for your CCTV, Access Control, Turnstiles.

Because at Apex solutions, client satisfaction is our primary objective and we take pride in providing the satisfaction our clients deserves. We never undermine the trust our valued clients have on us, and that is why you can be always sure of instant responses from our sales and technical department.

So, feel free to contact our Customer Service or Technical Support team for assistance with your CCTV surveillance system, no matter how small or large your surveillance, all our clients are equally treasured.

Security Surveillance Solutions

surveillance gives users the ability to monitor, and record video and/or audio over an IP computer network such as a LAN or the internet. In a simple IP system, it usually involves the use of a network camera or an analog camera with a
video server, a network switch, a computer for monitoring, managing and saving the video, and video management software.

The IP technology serves as the backbone network in an IP surveillance. Video and/or audio streams can be sent to any location through a wired and/or wireless IP network which enables users to access the image from anywhere.

IP cameras can be integrated to a larger and scalable system as users’ desire. Todays technology provides such products namely IP surveillance solutions to meet end-users’ various needs. A whole series of IP Solutions with housing styles that include indoor and outdoor IR domes and bullet cameras. Various camera types are also offered with chips ranging from 2 Megapixel with Wide Dynamic Range to a high-resolution 8 Megapixel. Many customizable NVRs ranging from 4-128 channels that are easy to expand as your needs grow are available. Relevant applications of IP surveillance solution can be found in different walk of lives such as transportation, commercial markets, government & public services, education, and infrastructure.


The IP surveillance system is simple and easy to understand. An IP camera connects to the network directly, as the IP camera is installed and configured, a web browser can be used to view and record live video. If you want to watch more record live videos simultaneously, just simply install a video management software program on the computer. IP surveillance system is also flexible and easy to be customized as user desire.

Features & Benefits

IP Setup

This is the perfect solution for the beginner who is unfamiliar with IP and also a huge time saver for the experienced professional. IP Solutions are easily scalable to fit your application whether big or small.

Easy to integrate

IP cameras are usually integrate with alarm systems, lighting, environmental and access controls. IP cameras offer great system flexibility and provide fully integration with major surveillance platforms.

Remote accessibility

Whenever you want to access your live or recorded video from any location in the world, the network system makes it possible for you. In the past, the traditional analog cctv system requires you to be in a specific location to view and manage your video, with IP surveillance system, access and manage your video in a remote location is not a dream anymore.

High image quality

High image quality is one of the most important aspects of any surveillance system. Images shot by IP cameras will not be affected by the cable distance. Thanks to the internet, you are able to capture images clearly with IP surveillance solution.


Forget about the tons of work you have to do to set up an analog system and the coaxial and fiber needed for an analog cctv system. IP surveillance solution is more cost-effective than the traditional analog surveillance. With IP surveillance system, you can save more money in management and equipment setup.



With IP cameras, you can always add more cameras whenever you feel like it. Comparing to analog camera, you don’t need to wire new cables again, it’s more flexible and more economical.

Currently viewing and recording HD images has been the trend of surveillance industry. While IP based video surveillance systems is the majority now, there will always be cases where the analog based solution are needed.

HD is a digital interface that delivers HDTV signals without any compression artifacts or transmission-related delays. HD fits the cost-effective system architecture that has proven so useful for conventional CCTV systems. In other words, HD unlocks HD for CCTV customers.

Cutting-edge, true Plug-and-Play, full high definition resolution recording over coaxial cable HD solution available for users. With HD Surveillance Solution, installers no longer need to extend a local-site IP LAN all the way to every HD camera mount in order to deliver the benefits of HD video. HD cameras works well with most existing coaxial cables, making it possible to easily upgrade some CCTV cameras, one by one, to Digital HD surveillance without any fuss. Meanwhile, by sending the video signal with no compression and without delay, HD cameras usually deliver better live views than the MP IP camera alternatives. These advantages make HD cameras worth considering also for applications that blend local-site security operations with remote, IP-network-connected security management.


HD technology can detect minor movements, unidentified, unusual behavior, fire or any abnormal activities. With user-friendly HD systems, and existing coaxial infrastructure is all that is needed to upgrade to an innovative high-definition solution. Therefore, HD cctv surveillance solution is widely used in different vertical markets such as airports, ports, banks, casinos and retail stores.

Features & Benefits

Unparalleled Resolution

HD Surveillance Solution provides more than 6 times the resolution of traditional SD DVRs, recording high-quality, high definition images. HD cameras give the best live views, because no compression is required for transmission and there is no IP LAN in between the camera and a monitor on the local site.

Zero Latency

The HD video feed travels on its own line with no compression and produces no latency (time delay). In live video mode, HD is smoother than analog and IP, with no skipping or image distortion.

Easy Installation

With an HD DVR, you don’t need a networking or IT background in order to install the system. It features plug-and-play connectivity that’s as easy to set up as standard analog CCTV systems.

Easy to Use

With an HD Surveillance Solution, the user interface is the same for the operator or installer as a CCTV interface, so no additional training is necessary to operate the system.

What are Access Control Systems and why do we need them? Who is authorized? Where, when, and for how long? Access Control Systems are designed to monitor and control people’s access throughout a building or restricted area. Access Control Systems protect your homes, workplaces, premises and assets against unauthorized entry.

With Our Access Control series, these innovative Access Control Solutions strictly control the access of people to different locations for you. We offer you a broad product line including access control managers, terminals, readers, turnstiles, components and communication solutions in different versions.

Leading edge access control software that integrates the most advanced security technologies with innovative networking capabilities to bring you full-featured security solutions serving any size of facilities.


Our products include a full line of readers with 125 kHz proximity, two to eight-door modular expandable controllers and NAV Series Management Software. The readers and controllers utilize a 26-bit Wiegand data format for integration with existing systems. The NAV Series software is Windows compatible, full-featured and offers a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface. However, the turnstiles that we offer are fully compatible and highly durable to offer a 24/7 working environment with up to 40 persons per minute of speeds.

Features & Benefits

Easy to Install

Network access based on CAT-6, which can be used for communication (10M/100M/1000M) and Power over Ethernet and CAT-6 cable runs everything at the door right through IP. PoE powered right out of the box, eliminating the power supplies, processors, wire wraps and conduit for the main IT closet.

Even the system with multiple sites separated by large distances can be installed easily. Basic Internet link is sufficient to establish connections to remote locations.


Turnstile Integration

Turnstile events can trigger access control system. Enhance security for vulnerable areas to strengthen the security. These systems will provide you with efficient and elegant control of individual authorized access to your premises. Our products find a wide application in industrial enterprises ,  Living garden ,buildings  offices ,shops ,museums ,security installations ,prisons , nuclear  power plants airports , railways , seaports , exhibition centers ,ski resorts ,fitness ,and other fields

Remote monitoring and Access management

Web-based software allows remote management of multiple access-control systems across WAN and Internet over web browser.

Perimeter Security

Razor wire fence
is mainly composed of very sharp points or edges and arranged at intervals along the strands. It has the features of unique design of sharp blades and incomparable safety performance, cost-effectiveness and practical applicability, easy installation and long service life.

Barbed wire

is a modern security fencing materials fabricated with high-tensile galvanized wire, PVC wire or stainless steel wire. It can be installed to achieve the result of frightening and stopping to the aggressive perimeter intruders. Barbed Wire is widely used as fencing in military field, prisons, detention houses, government buildings, cottage, society fence, playground and gardens, super highway, railway, airport, port, residence, or breeding of animals and other private buildings.

Intelligent Locking system


Ojmar locks for lockers and access systems are fully integrated with the latest fitness equipment systems (Technogym, Egym, Matrix, Precor, Life Fitness and Milon), automatic payments and other services. In this way the end customer can enjoy a centre that allows access to all services with a single RFID credential (wristband, chip, card, Technogym key, etc.).

Thanks to RFID technology, we effectively manage moments of large numbers of people to avoid congestion problems in the locker area and in accesses to the centre. The flexibility of our systems to assign and manage the use of lockers is one of the features most demanded by customers.

The data provided to us allows accurately knowing the activity in the different areas and time slots. In this way we can learn about the club and contribute to a better management of the centre.


Locks for Ojmar lockers specifically manufactured for their intensive use in humid environments provide an exceptional performance and reliability.

Access and lock systems for Ojmar lockers are based on intuitive technologies, designed for locker areas and main entrances, where there is dense traffic.

The objectives are multiple: promoting fluid traffic, monitoring traceability, comfort… In short, the aim is to generate a positive experience in the management and daily use, making the customer loyal.

A good system manages to adapt to the reality of a facility and evolves according to the needs that arise, to be more efficient each day.


The flexibility of our systems to assign use in locker areas is an essential feature in facilities that require managing different user groups.

We contribute to effective administration of movement in the locker area and in the main accesses. Maximum comfort of use in centres where everything has to work smoothly.

Our systems facilitate recording all activity of the lockers in areas with shared use. This ensures the protection of classified information and personal objects.

The data provided by Ojmar systems allows precisely knowing the activity in the areas of maximum transit of users. In this way we can better understand the needs of the centre and optimise the use of different spaces.

In environments with refined and minimalist aesthetics, the sophisticated design of Ojmar products gives added-value and a good finish to the set of furniture.


Locking systems for Ojmar lockers provide exceptional performance and reliability. They are specifically designed for intensive use required by educational centres.

The flexibility of our systems to assign use in locker areas is an essential feature for centres that require the facilities to easily adapt to different activities held throughout the year.

In the moments of greatest activity, we make access to the lockers as easy as possible and we efficiently administer transit of people.

We provide maximum comfort of use in the facilities where everything has to work smoothly.


Our systems can easily manage the high number of users and the frequent shift changes required by Hospitals, Clinics and Health Centres.

The flexibility to assign the use of lockers is an essential feature to ensure a greater agility in the entrances and exits of the workers.

The objectives are multiple: favouring a fluid traffic, monitoring traceability, comfortable use… In short, it seeks to ensure that everything works perfectly.

The data provided to us allows us to know who, when and for how long they have access to the locker. This ensures the protection of objects, and favours the rapid resolution of possible conflicts. We can accurately know the activity in different areas so that we can determine more accurately the actual needs of the centre and contribute to a better optimisation and distribution of spaces. The sophisticated design of Ojmar products gives added-value and a good finish to the set of furniture.


Our systems can easily manage the frequent shift changes required by this type of centres. The flexibility to assign the use of lockers is an essential feature to ensure a greater agility in the entrances and exits of the workers.

Integration of OJMAR hardware in our customers’ software provides a solution for the integral management of our customers.

On the other hand, it is necessary to provide comfortable and agile access to the lockers for customers who need to put their belongings away while they go shopping.

Taking care of members’ and users’ belongings is one of our priorities.

The sophisticated design of Ojmar products gives added-value and a good finish to the set of furniture in areas open to the public. It is important to maintain a good aesthetics of all the facilities. OJMAR offers a reliable solution that adapts to the needs of our customers.

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