Optimal Home Security Cctv Camera Placement


Protection of home and offices in today’s world has become one of the necessities if you have important assets in office or kids at home so you don’t want to get them in danger. One of the best securities these days is the instalments of security cameras or CCTV cameras in your homes and offices. There are different cameras for different places whether inside or outside.

Interior Placement:

Inside the house, the areas that are common for everyone should have cameras installed. The areas such as dining and drawing room or hall, kitchen, stairs etc. are main areas where everyone gathers. Kids play in drawing area, so it is easy to keep a check on them. Maids and babysitters can also be monitored if they are doing their job properly. If anything, expensive or important gets misplaced, we can check from camera footage about them. Placing cameras on stairways or in corridors can monitor the entrance of rooms that are unmonitored. Place the cameras in such an angle so that it can cover the whole room. Nowadays Cameras are so handy that camera installation and CCTV installation have become one of the easy tasks for anyone.

Exterior Placement:

Outdoor placements of security cameras are of great importance and security because of all the outsiders and visitors. Installing a camera on the front main door can check who is coming and any inappropriate activities can also be monitored. If you have other entrance points other than front door such as backside door than these areas should also be monitored because burglars and thieves usually use backside points. The outside placement of cameras should be placed in such an angle to avoid sunlight and they should also be visible so that anyone in intention to do some inappropriate activity can be deterred.

Areas such as bedrooms and bathrooms are not appropriate for cameras. Also do not place cameras outside in such a way that the camera itself can be stolen by someone. Installation of cameras must be at a certain height that they cannot be high enough so that everything is not clear in footage and cannot be low enough to cover just limited area. It should be 8-10 ft high.

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