Difference Between Ip Camera And Analog Camera


Technology is evolved year by year and every new technology is upgraded after a certain time. Same goes with security surveillance and security cameras. They have been evolving and each time a new and more useful product comes that performs in a more efficient way. You must be doing well with the analog cameras for your business or personal use but ever wanted to look at the evolving technology and new cameras? The latest camera that is discussed most with the analog camera is IP camera. To know more about which of these fits best for your use, below are few points that compare them.

Security Footage Medium: The footage of analog cameras can be seen directly on television, VCR or DVD player whereas the IP camera saves the footage on a web server, so you require internet to access that.

Quality and Resolution of Video Footage: The video quality of IP camera is much better than an analog camera because it is much pixelated and it also provides zooming option so you can zoom in the video and can still clearly recognise everything in the video whereas in analog camera zooming the video lowers the video quality and objects are nor recognizable.

The IP camera has 1.3 megapixels and ranges to 5 megapixels whereas analog camera has 0.4 megapixels that’s why zooming in analog camera is not much supported.

Installation: The camera installation requires a lot of professionalism when it comes to installing analog cameras because they require a different wire for different functions such as audio, video or power. Whereas the installation of IP camera is much easier because the only a single cable is used for all the functionalities.

IP camera also comes as a wireless camera. Wireless security can be required in such areas where it is difficult to fit wires so this also provides wireless security.

Security of Video: The video footages of IP camera are encrypted and compressed and then they are saved over the internet while the video footages of the analog camera are not encrypted. They are usually available in hard copy form so they can easily be misused.

Cost: With all these features in IP surveillance, it is obvious that it is much expensive than analog camera. But here is the interesting fact that the overall cost including installation, wiring, equipment for recordings is almost the same for both the cameras because IP camera doesn’t require much of these.

Security Service Providers in Karachi:

Above points of differences between IP surveillance and analog CCTV surveillance might help you in taking decision for your business or personal security based on your requirements and budget. If you are looking for CCTV camera providers and CCTV camera solution in Karachi, then Apex Solutions can fulfil your demands according to your needs because they have a wide variety of wireless cameras with latest and state of the art technology. Our security camera maintenance system is reliable, and we always meet the expectations of their clients.

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Difference Between Ip Camera And Analog Camera




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