Cctv Camera Types & Structures


“Closed-circuit television “which means CCTV camera, in today’s world CCTV camera becomes the common entity to monitor your business and personal assets or sometimes to prevent malicious activities and crimes. There are two types of cameras available in stores that are:

  1. Analog CCTV cameras are work with the attachment of coaxial cable and then connect with the TV or any display screen where all the video would be recorded.
  2. IP CCTV cameras are attached to the WIFI network or Ethernet cable. The video would be recorded with the help of NVR (Network Video Recorder) and the user can see the footage in real-time from any device like PC, monitor, tablet or smartphone by using internet connection. IP cameras are higher in resolution and provide better image quality as compared to Analog cameras.

CCTV Camera Structure

So, when you choose CCTV cameras for your home, organization, industry or any place where you are working. Make sure you know about the three most important structural factors of any CCTV camera. The factors are:

  • The lens of the camera

    To choose the right lens means you can see what happens in the image. The good lens provides you with a brighter image or sight and allows you to enhance the pictures for the output.

  • The sensor

    When it about to choose the sensor, two things revolve in mind the type of sensor and the size of the sensor. Two types of sensors commonly used in IP cameras and CCTV as well. The sensors are CCD and CMOS. CCD CCTV cameras are more worthy than CMOS because it gives higher resolution and clear mages.

  • The resolution of the output

    The third factor is the resolution that means higher the pixels of the image the better output you get. Mostly camera resolution range between 300-550TVL. It is necessary to compete for the resolution that your camera produce

Where you should buy CCTV cameras in Karachi?

In the era of technology, CCTV cameras become the most essential when you are going to start your business, or you want to protect your important assets. In Karachi, you can buy CCTV cameras from Apex solution. Apex solution provides you with various type of CCTV cameras like IP cameras, analogs camera having amazing sensors, lenses and resolution. It also provide the feasibility of camera installation and any kind of security surveillance. Apex solution considers as the best CCTV camera provider in Karachi.

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