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Biometrics Solution History

The word “biometrics” comes from the Greek language in which BIO means “life” and METRIC means “to measure”. Nowadays every single organization, industries or even for personal devices people use biometric services due to the high rate of crimes and scams. Biometric authentication is the process to identify characteristics and resemblance of a particular person by using its recognizable and verifiable data. In early ages, people use faces to recognize the familiar or unfamiliar person in their boundary. But this task becomes complex when the population starts growing day by day. To resolve this complexity computer science introduced more authentic and fast ways to identify the individuals with the help of their unique biological features.

The concept of fingerprints recognition introduced in the late 19th century where different technology and techniques developed to match the fingerprints then in 1936 the Iris identification introduced; the Iris is the part of the eye through which human identification recognized. And in 1960 the acoustic biometric developed in which speech recognition introduced. And this way Security Surveillance become strong

Types of Biometric Solutions

Mainly two types of biometrics solution for authentication can be done which are

  • Physiological biometrics
  • Behavioral biometrics

In Physiological Biometrics the following techniques are considered:

Fingerprint recognition, Hand/vein recognition, retina scanning, face gesture recognition, Iris recognition, hand geometry authentication, voice identification, DNA pattern matching, Ear sharp recognition and also thermographic recognition all these techniques concerned with the human physical states.

In BehaviouralBiometrics, the techniques include which relay on user behaviour like:

Lipsmovement recognition, signature identification, and recognition, gait movement. This type of biometrics generates math’s equation by using video image pattern and also includes keystroke identification which workslike passwords and PINS.

Biometrics Devices

To apply these biometrics for authentication, we use different biometrics devices Like fingerprint machine, wireless camera, face detector, speech recorder, biometric machine, hand gesture detector, voice detector and so on. But in all devices which used to identify, the four basic components placed i.e. Storage device, pattern algorithm, sensor, decision algorithm/process. So, these are all devices that are using in multiple organizations to protect their security and safe their copyright

Biometrics services in Karachi

Now the question is where you can get these biometric solutions for your organization’s security? Apex Solutions is providing these security services and biometric solutions in very effective and reasonable prices. Devices for biometric verification. i.e. Cameras with analog HD and IP Solutions, Digital Video Recorders & Network Video Recorders with intelligent video analytical features and other surveillance equipment are available on the platform of Apex Solution. For the security services trust and loyalty are the main factors, Apex Solution ensures to provide high-quality biometric devices in very effective rates.

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