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Biometric system refers to the technological modification that is used to recognize any person. It is based upon the particular data of the unique biological attributes. It is generally used to identify the user or any other individual.

The practice of the biometric system is not that new it is just modified. In 500 BC the people were used to take fingerprints on clay tablets. Children’s palm and footprints were also considered as the tool for identifying them and in the history of Egypt, it was the common method to recognize orders on the basis of their physical attributes.

Uses of Biometric system:

The practical use of a biometric system has increasingly become faster as the importance of person authentication is considered. The most common features used to identify the user are fingerprints, faces, voice, finger or palm veins. Biometric services have a devastating impact on our economy it is now been used almost in every field from which some of them are discussed below.

  • A biometric system is used for the attendance to check the regularity and punctuality of a person. Time and attendance system are the automated in biometric devices to recognize an employee physical behaviour.
  • It is used in airports to verify the person identities for the sake of security.
  • It is commonly used in banks for the enhancement of customer convenience and to make it secure from frauds.
  • Its also been used by the organizations for criminal investigations and in jail for management.

Working of Biometric Machine:

Biometric services are used to provide assurance about the person identified as each individual possess its unique behaviour or physical characteristics. The working of a biometric device is based on three usual steps.

  • Enrolment:

    In the initial stage, the template is taken and store in the database either it’s in the written form or fingerprint or PIN code.

  • Live Sample:

    At the time live sample, which is your fingerprint, PIN, or maybe your ID card get into contact with a biometric device the process of authentication starts.

  • Comparison:

    Now the device goes on to compare the secure and current information and then accepts you or reject you on the basis of identification, that you have a claim to be…

In this process, the system also uses three components.

COMPUTER: That is used to store and read the information.

SENSOR: It is used for the characteristic’s detection used for identification.

SOFTWARE: It is used to analyze the characteristics and actually performs the comparison.

Pros of Biometric Solution:

Password techniques that were early used for the security purpose are now becoming security issues as they can be easily hacked. On the contrast, the biometric solution has number of advantages.

  • Biometric method is easy, user-friendly and less time-consuming. It results in accurate verification.
  • It’s a useful technological system which is regarded as a significant tool for prison management and criminal identification.
  • It is used to avert illegal access to mobile phones, ATM machines, smart card and other private networks.
  • It is considered to be the most suitable solution for the security of finance, industries, business and schools.
  • The behaviour and physical organs used in the biometric process for identification are in less danger to damage.

Biometric Solution Providers:

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