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Apex Solution’s biometric solution is becoming the best security option for companies that want to offer the safest and most convenient system for customer & staff authentication.

Apex Solution’s equipment detects biometric attendance with 100% reliability

Optimize the management of your employee’s schedules with Apex Solution Biometric Attendance Machine that captures your particular biological/Physical features such as your hand or fingerprint, iris pattern and sometimes even your voice as a record for identity verification and allows you to perform attendance or access that you are authorized to do.

Biometric time and attendance system that we offer, have brought a more explicit system to assess group or individual’s activities and attendance as well. It manages and optimize the time for each employee, thanks to a simple marking that can be done through their biometric data (face, fingerprint or RFID) to mark quickly.

The terminal, connected to our biometric machine has management software that will prompt live activity on  screen if the employee has entered or left the work environment and also to see at what time he/she was logged in or out, you can also have monthly or weekly reports for each person registered in the software.

In addition, all devices detect biometric presences do not require periodic maintenance, because they do not have mechanical parts inside them. Our biometric presence detector is very simple and easy to use and fast it will be enough to use your biometric data (face and fingerprints), this will allow a rapid marking in order to avoid queues of people waiting to mark the presence.

Significant Features Of our Biometric Machine

  • Biometric fingerprint reader

Employees will be able to mark their passages at the workplace with fingerprints.

  • RFID card reader

Alternatively, workers can access the facility using the personal RFID badge provided.

  • Register up to 10,000 users

Apex Solution biometric time terminals are capable of recording up to 10,000 user profiles and over 100,000 stamps.

  • Software provided

The best time recording software allows to obtain real-time reports of workers’ presence and passages.

  • Vandal-proof terminal

Vandal-proof terminals suitable for outdoor installations and in damp or dusty places.

  • What about privacy?

The fingerprints collected by the biometric terminals are indecipherable, thanks to the encryption algorithm.

We have more than 9 years of experience in designing, deployment and support of biometric solutions

We are a company specialized in high performance biometrics for the control and recognition of people. We provide products and services in the areas of biometric security devices such as sign machines for presence control or access control systems such as lathe lathes, as well as fingerprint readers and electric locks.

Get Benefited with Our Best Biometric Services:

Improved customer experience

Your customers want to be able to choose. With Apex Solutionbiometric solutions, they can choose the authentication mode based on the situation. By allowing customers to choose, companies increase their satisfaction.

Get Our Biometric Services Now For Security Options:

We are available to introduce you to the universe of biometrics and identity technologies, clarify theoretical and practical concepts and deepen technical standards, to help you understand and determine the most appropriate solution for your need.

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