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About - Apex Solutions | Security Surveillance Solution provider

About Security Surveillance Solution provider

Apex solutions is one of the most trusted names among CCTV Security Surveillance Solution provider in Karachi. We have been in the industry since 2009. We have an extensive experience in catering best CCTV products and unparalleled technical service.

When it comes to selecting Security Surveillance Solution provider and the products, there are enough options to frustrate you. There are numerous brands and hundreds of CCTV products and it becomes quite confusing to choose the appropriate products.


Let us serve you as a better option for Security Surveillance Solution provider concerns. Offering solutions that are easy to understand and at the same time require minimal maintenance and are cost effective too.

Trust Apex Solutions with your CCTV security surveillance solutions needs because we strive to deliver the best to all our clients. We look forward to serve you with the surveillance solution that you deserve.

Our Brands
With Apex Solutions you can be assured of original and warranted products available. Both well-known and trusted brands of the industry. These brands are tried and tested by our large clientele, a living proof of the trust we promise.

Watch out for the various low quality and pirated CCTV products. They are easily available in the market and look very similar to famous brands but serve with poor quality video. They require high maintenance. To protect yourself from any kind of infringement, always buy original CCTV products from trusted dealers and re sellers.

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Analog HD & IP CCTV Surveillance
Access Control & Biometrics
Perimeter Security with infrastructure design & deployment